Over Labelling Service

A high quality and reliable over labelled medicine supplier
to the NHS and Private Healthcare Sectors.

Transforming Over Labelling services

Being pioneers in the Commercial Over Label market, we can offer an unparalleled experience to our customers to benefit from our well-established reputation for quality, compliance and customer service. We have vast experience and knowledge and are best placed to fulfil our customers’ demands by better understanding their needs. Arcadia Medical, your over labelled medicine supplier of choice.

Arcadia Medical, a partner you can trust

Arcadia Medical specialises in providing an Over Labelling service to the NHS and Private Healthcare sectors across UK. We are supporting healthcare professionals to treat and discharge patients quicker and safer by helping cut down waiting time.  We work with Hospitals, Out of Hours / Urgent Care Centres and Prisons.

We also support Ambulance Trusts by providing an Over Labelling service for Paramedics to dispense medicines during their home visits.

With our assembly license, we also offer a secondary repackaging service to our customers e.g. MRSA Kits, Crash Bricks/Boxes, Anaphylactic Kits, etc.

A QUALITY and cost effective over labelling service

Decrease your administrative costs and get shorter lead times by outsourcing your
over labelling needs to Arcadia Medical.

Working to the highest standards

At Arcadia Medical we adhere to the industry regulatory standards operating from our specialist, MHRA & NHS audited site in Swansea, which operates under full GMP procedures. All over labelled medicines are released after stringent QP checks. We use couriers who are fully licensed and regulated to ensure all medicines arrive to you on time and safely.

By outsourcing your over labelled needs to Arcadia Medical, we will:

  • help you minimise your overall administrative costs by offering a secure online customer portal to place and track orders
  • help reduce your stock holding by offering a shorter lead time

In line with MHRA guidelines, we operate under a Technical Agreement and for added clarity, we provide a Commercial Agreement that defines our terms of business and service level expectations.

Arcadia Medical will offer:

  • an extensive range of generically labelled products with short lead times
  • cold chain lines
  • controlled drugs
  • a bespoke label option
  • a high-quality and economic service
  • competitive and fixed term pricing
  • eProcurement
  • customer forecast
  • an online customer portal
  • a dedicated Account Manager & Customer Service Adviser

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